Thursday, 7 June 2012

How to do Aztec nails

So this is how i did my Aztec nails.
All you need is 4 colours and a striper.


Peace, love and work it!
- abi xo

Friday, 30 March 2012

Odd future Pop up Shop

When? 28th march
Where? Bricklane

This was the first installment of Odd Future 6 day "OF SweatShop."

Since the school strike was that wednesday a lot of young kids had filled up the queue on the opening. All geared up in their supreme, huf, obey and snap back. All waiting in the beating sun to meet their idols.

I met up with my BF to see where he was in the queue. Instead of being in the queue he was off side lookin on to the crowd with his red stripe beer cans.

OF where very kind and greeted their fans before heading in to the shop. They left around 4ish and as soon as they left the queue had halved in size. A clever move that my BF had made.

I left to go work and found out that my BF spent £400 of merch. One word DUMB

the clothing was decent priced from £35 for a tee to £50 for a hoody. However the quality was shit. It was obvious that everything was made as cheap as possible for maximum profit.

The print quality, the finish the everything - worse than primark quality . YET people still splashed out their money on the goods. 1 pair of socks £15 a foam hand £10. Most of the youngers brought these items as it was all they could afford. And it was most probably funded via EMA money haha!

Anyway so since my BF spent a S load of money and mind u, he was half drunk aswell. They asked him to go back the next day so he could get his albumn signed since he missed them earlier.

So THURSDAY came. And i went along with him. This time the crowd was older. And again Odd Future was there. These guys are nuts.

I saw a bag of weed on the table and when i mean bag i mean a BAGGGG. These guy were hi of their face. Red eyed and shiet. And you fort spending £400 was bad!? A short fat and round little boy say about 11 years old, spent £650 on merch!! One word RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!

Anyway so my BF got his albumn signed and i was about to take a pic of him and left brain then hos security guard told me to stop takin pics or he'll break my phone. Obese cunt! so we didnt get the picture but we got the albumn signed. Why he stopped me from takin a picture i do not know =\

peace, love and work it!
Abi - xo

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Dr Martens SALE

Dr. Martens Warehouse Sale

Saturday 24 March – Sunday 25 March
Sat 10am-7pm | Sun 10am-6pm

"Thousands of boots, shoes and some clothing on offer at the first ever Dr. Martens warehouse sale at the Truman Brewery. All footwear priced at £25 while stocks last. Cash and cards accepted"

Yes this is true there was thousands. And im not exaggerating. Here is how my experience went.

I was supposed to arrive at the Trewman Brewery at 10am but then my son wanted to come. So since today was a sunny day i thought, what the hey come along! - BIG MISTAKE

Got there at 11.30ish and thank God i saw a couple of mates in the queue. Queued with my 4 year old son for 4 hours! And i am very proud of him. He peed in a water bottle, was patient in the queue, and didnt fuss one bit. nice preperation for a future camper =P

Finally i could taste the leather victory.

Came in and the place was FULL of shoe hills and box hills. My son had a blast. But finding a size 5 non ugly shoe was a difficult task. Rummaging and racing other avid shoppers in order to find that perfect shoe! My son was also a handy sidekick as he sat on top of boxes so that no1 else would take them.

I didnt queue for 4 hours to leave empty handed!!!!

So i brought 3 pairs. And although, im not that quite happy with my purchase, still i guess its a bargain all at £25 each. 3 for the price of 1RRP?? Yes please!

Will i be wearing my purchases? Not so much the hello kitty edition but definitely the other 2. Until next time Trewman Brewery!

Peace, love and work it!
Abi - xo

Friday, 9 March 2012

Eley Kishimoto x Tatty Divine

British Fashion Label Eley Kishimoto is well known for their textile designs. In particular their lightening bolt design.

This particular print was capsuled with many fashion labels such as East Pak, Be@rbrick, Incase phone and laptop cases etc.

They have worked with designers such as Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Alber Elbaz and Jil Sander.

And for the second time, they are teaming up with the gorgeous funky jewellery shop 'Tatty Divine'.
The Eley Kishimoto pattern for spring/summer2012 is called 'Toy Town Eden', think Ivy leaves, bitten apples, snakes and roses. The pattern is directly printed on to lazer cut perspex, and made in to fabulous jewellery. I really like Tatty Divine Jewellery, it is quite novelty and makes me feel young again ^_^

Match your jewellery with your outfit! Weirded out? Dont worry this whole pattern matching trend is very in this season - its ok!

Peace, love and work it!
Abi - xo

Thursday, 8 March 2012


So today was the launch of the new H&M collab and this time with MARNI.

A lot of people dont know about this Italian designer, so it is yet to be a household name - hence the reason why that just 5 months after the winter Versace x H&M collection aswell as the spring Versace x H&M release, the hype for the Marni collab wasn't quite a success.

So i made my way to Oxford Circus, and it was about 3.00pm by this time. And i was expecting the place to be totally stripped of the Marni collection. But there was quite a lot left. And from what i could salvage, the best item that i was happy to spend my money on, wear and super like overall was the plastic tote bag rrp£29.99.

As mentioned in a previous blog, PVC is so IN and i really like this trend. Especially this tote, it's LOVELY!!! Yay meee ^_^

I really liked the PVC front jacket. The craft and silhouette was amazing but £150?! ... Pay day went and gone last week :( .. So i had to be wise and RESIST!!! To my surprise this item did not fly off the rails.

The footwear was... Not my taste.

On hand it jus didnt look the same, it looked like it was 'cheap'.
Realistically, just because something is designer does not mean it is nice.

And neither does it mean you can make something ugly and expect people to buy it. In this case, because of the designer name, people DID buy the sandals. SMH

The menswear was absoloute perfection, and quite a lot left aswell, typically more left than the girls section. The accessories and coats were the best out of the bunch but again quite pricey considering it is a high street collab. It was more expensive than the Versace collab.

Anyway, so i was on the way home, late to pick up my son from school aswell - and then i checked my ebay. Typed in 'MARNI H&M' on the search bar and people were already selling the items. DISGUST.

The tote i brought was now selling for £100 and people were ACTUALLY bidding on it.... It's just... Plastic... Some Ebayers out there are actually crazy.. If you are going to pay £100 for a TOTE bag which is a HIGH STREET COLLAB ... It doesn't make any sense to me because the whole point of these collabs is to make a cheaper option available for high street shoppers... Right???

I dont know about you, but I would rather go Gucci and spend £100 on a small leather coin purse than £100 on a plastic tote bag from the high street. Ya digg??!

Well, i guess there ARE A LOT of people who are not affected by the recession *jealous* LOL

Anyway, so this is totally based on what i saw was left but the collection online looks fab. And whoever managed to snap up a few MARNI x H&M items im sure will be very pleased with thier purchases.

Peace, love and work it!
Abi - xo

Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Kooples x Pete Doherty

FINALLY after waiting 6months for this capsule to launch it is ready!

kate moss x supreme much??

The Kooples,describes it as a fusion of "an Anglo-Parisian musical axis". What a tongue twister... Or maybe im just very bad at pronounciation!

The collection, unsurpisingly projects Pete Doherty's own vintage deshevelled styling. It is "smart" yet relaxed.
And although Pete Doherty really, really pisses me off with his dirty i dont give a FI*^% lifestyle, the pure coolness that is the Kooples deserves to be viewed... Right???

I cannot fault the detailing and the clean cuts of the mens collection - it's fantastic.
The womens collection is very simple yet extremely sexy and cute.

The collection is available in 150 stores And in selected boutiques 14th March

Peace, love and work it!
Abi - xo

SCRATCH & SNIFF DENIM by Naked&famous

So... Some mad scientist out there, has taken the scratch and sniff concept to a new level and has managed to incorporate the old school fascination within jeans.

Yes, when you scratch your jeans you will smell like candy raspberries. Lovvvvely! ... Or is it really?? ..Does it just mean that you wont wash your jeans for 6months??? HA! In that case make sure u sniff on the leg and nowhere else =/ - i know it's the recession and all but ... I can tell that whoever buys one of these is not gonna wash them eeew!

How does it work?
"The effect is created by coating the denim fabric with a special coating that contains mini microcapsules. The coating is applied and then baked into the denim. The tiny capsules have a bit of “perfume” inside and as you scratch them the scent is released."

Get these in 5 different washes for $150 in selected stores worldwide and online. A reasonable price me thinks. I would love to sniff a pair :)

They unfortunately are available for men only - so i guess a pair of these is a babe magnet and will have girls running after you! Good luck boys

Peace, love and work it!
Abi - xo